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FROZEN in February

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Painting in 30 & 40 degree weather required thawing sessions in my car with loud explicit rap music for motivation. Totally worth it.

When my discussion with New West Records began in January, I could tell they were anxious to have Lilly Hiatt up in time for the release of her first single, Brightest Star, off the full album out April 2020. I am soooo thankful for the unusual timing of this commission since winter is typically when my inbox is a desert, account begins dwindling and folks aren't so inspired to spend their money on murals. So, I proposed a design and was ecstatic to hear it's location would be on a true Nashville treasure, Grimey's Record Store.

Grimey's is an epicenter of the Nashville music scene and one of the most reputable independent record stores in the country.

Trust me, they are quite picky when it comes to show scheduling and the murals that tattoo their building. While painting, I heard they turned down Tanya Tucker even though they could've monetized the space for several months. So, Lilly & I were very honored to get the front corner of their new space at 1060 East Trinity Lane, Nashville TN 37216.

About this mural:

Since I decided to buck the expected rectangular dimensions of a shared mural space, this piece is tricky to list the dimensions accurately. But it's roughly 15' wide x 12' tall. I used one-coat exterior #Behr & #Glidden paint with satin sheen from #HomeDepot. My favorite brushes on this project were 2" wide chip brushes also purchased at Home Depot in a value pack. Since this mural was painted in colder weather, I did have some longer drying times which added to the overall hours I was on site. I believe this mural took me 25-30 hours to complete over a 4-5 day period.

View the completed mural here.

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