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Born-Again Hippies in Georgia

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This mural is personal since it's painted on the side of my parents bohemian building in Cleveland, Georgia. Formerly a church, they remodeled and created a space for art, coffee drinking, and hosting the BEST parties!

About this mural:

This mural is approximately 20' high by 60' wide. The wavy metal siding was not so fun to paint but once I got into the groove, I forgot about straight lines anyway. As usual, I used exterior enamels from Sherwin Williams and Home Depot. This project also required an aerial lift so I went with a local company near my parents called M&R and chose this towable lift.

The imagery was an enlargement of a painting I did a few years ago that my mom always loved. My goal was to paint the figure as large as possible on the building and keep her curvy proportions. With the rest of the space I filled with oversized patterns, liquid mountains, and seven jewel-toned birds to represent each of my parent's grandchildren.

View the completed mural here.

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